Triple controls in single lever(Drawing)


  • X・Y・Z, triple axis control

■Standard specification

Substantial specification
Travel angle from neutral position
(X axis Y axis)


Travel angle from neutral position
(Z axis)
Return to neutral position
automatic (spring type)
Mechanical life, in a direction 1million operation (ambient temperature)
Water proof, upper panel, outside JIS D 0203 S2 (rain proof)
Water proof, backside of panel JIS D 0203 R2 (splash proof)
except. Parts of mounting screw

Operating temperature range -20°~+70°(except freeze)
Operating force of lever Less than 8N [0.3~0.8kgf] at center of knob
Strength of lever part 19.6N・m[200kgf・cm]
(ca.20kgf, center of knob)
Operating force of knob Less than 6N [0.3~0.8kgf] around knob
Strength of knob 1N・m[10kgf・cm]
Supply voltage (adjustment)
Neutral adjustment value (X, Y axis)
12.00V +/-0.4V
Maximum voltage (X, Y axis)
19.32V +/-0.6V
Minimum voltage (X, Y axis)
4.68V +/-0.6V
Neutral adjustment value (Z axis) 12.00V +/-0.5V
Maximum voltage (Z axis) 21.00V +/-0.6V
Minimum voltage (Z axis) 3.00V +/-0.6V
Operate Neutral switch (Neutral => +) 13.20V +/-0.48V
Operate Neutral switch (Neutral => -) 10.80V +/-0.48V
Potentiometer (Water proof type)
Resistance value 5kΩ +/-20%
Linearity +/-1%
Electrical effective angle 75°+/-5°(Electrical operation angle 45°)
Life 10 million cycles
Type of element conductive plastic
Maximum operating voltage 50V
Rated power 0.5W
Water proof equivalent to JIS D 0203 D1
Operating life 2million cycles
Specification of Neutral position detection (Micro switch)
Rating DC30V 0.1A
Durability, electrical 200k cycles (rated load)
Durability, mechanical 5million cycles
Protection IEC IP67

*For improvement, specification are subject to change without prior notice.


Option order, joystick and control box are available