Thumb finger JS

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  • Controlled by thumb finger


Nominal resistance value
10KΩ +/-20%
Characteristics of resistance change
B curve
Rated power
Rubbing noise less than 200mV
Insulation resistance more than 50MΩ at DC500V
Withstand voltage AV500V for 1 min.
Neutral accuracy R/2 +/- 10% (incl. mechanical accuracy)
Travel angle 60°+/-5%
Operating force 2.9~9.4N・cm [300~960gf・cm]
Lever strength at stop position more than 98N・cm[10kgf・cm]
Push/Pull strength more than 98N[10kgf]
Idle angle within +/-1.5°
Mechanically : no remarkable after 300k times operation and variation ratio of all resistance values within +/-20% from initial values.
Operating temperature range -10℃~+70℃
Storage temperature range -20℃~+70℃
Water proof IPX3 at upper panel, outside (JIS C 0920)
Application standard
JIS C 6443

*For improvement, specification are subject to change without prior notice.


Option order, joystick and control box are available