Safe and certain operation by soft finger touch
Single axis control lever(Drawing A type Drawing B type)

*Planned to stop production


  • Easy control by fingertip
  • High performance and low cost
  • Possible to construct safety control systems by built-in contact for neutral detection of water proof potentiometer
  • Applicable to mount at limited space
  • Safety cabling and connection at inferior environment by water proof connectors *Durability more than 2million operation

■Standard specification

Substantial specification
Travel angle from neutral position +/-20°
Return to neutral position automatic (spring type)
Mechanical life, in a direction more than 2million operation
Vibration proof JIS D 1601 3 A stage 4.5
Water proof, upper panel, visible site JIS D 0203 S1
Waterproof, backside of panel open
Operating temperature range -30°~+80°(except freeze and harness part)
Storage temperature range -40°~+85°
Operating force less than 5.9N [0.6kgf] at lever top

Strength at lever part
(static load for 1 min.)
X and perpendicular direction

98N [10kgf] (top of lever)
Strength at lever part
(static load for 1 min.)
Y direction
29N [3kgf] (top of lever)
Strength at lever part
(static load for 1 min.)
Twist direction (torque)
98N・cm[10kgf・cm] (top of lever)
Potentiometer (Water proof, Metal bearing type)
Resistance Value 1kΩ +/-20%
Linearity +/-3%
Electrical effective angle 40°+/-3°
Life 5 million cycles
Type of element conductive plastic
Maximum operating voltage DC12V (between 1 – 3)
Water proof equivalent to JIS D 0203 S2
Damp proof 60° 90~95%RH 500h
Switch allowable current less than 3mA
Resistance value, switch ON less than 200Ω (outgoing)
Less than 1KΩ (2million operation)

*For improvement, specification are subject to change without prior notice.


Option order, joystick and control box are available