Build-in the waterproof potentiometer, suitable for outdoor use(Drawing)
Adapts to wide variety of grips(Grip variation)



  • The water proof potentiometer is composed of precious metal brush contact and covered by conductive plastic element. Rotating life (10million cycles)and good resolution.
  • Keep lever strength and compact design
  • Possible to make more safety control system by adding micro switch as detecting neutral position (option)
  • Small and reasonable price

■Standard specification

Substantial specification
Travel angle from neutral position +/-22.5°

Return to neutral position automatic (spring type)
Mechanical life, in a direction
2million operation
Vibration proof JIS D 1601 3 A stage 4.5
Water proof, (upper panel, outside)
JIS D 0203 S1 (rain proof)
backside of panel : open (no protection)
Operating temperature range -20°~+60°(except freeze)
Operating force Less than 4.9N [0.1~0.5kgf] at lever top
Strength at lever part 19.6N・m[200kgf・cm]
(ca.22kgf, top of lever)
Potentiometer (Water proof type)
Resistance value 5kΩ +/-20%
Linearity +/-1%
Electrical effective angle 75°+/-5°(Electrical operation angle 45°)
Life 10 million cycles
Type of element conductive plastic
Maximum operating voltage
Rated power 0.5W
Water proof equivalent to JIS D 0203 D1
Operating life 2million cycles
Micro switch specification
Operating angle ON, ca.4°travel from neutral position
Rated load DC30V 5A (resistance load)
Durability, mechanical 10million cycles
Durability, electrical 100k cycles (rated load)
Protection JIS Water proof, IEC IP67
Push switch specification
Rated load DC24V 50mA (resistance load)
Durability 500k cycles

*For improvement, specification are subject to change without prior notice.


Option order, joystick and control box are available