Safe and certain operation by soft finger touch
Single axis control lever(Drawing)

*Planned to stop production


  • Easy control by fingertip
  • High performance and low cost
  • Possible to construct safety control systems
  • Applicable to mount at limited space
  • Safety cabling and connection at inferior environment by water proof connectors
    *Durability more than 5million operation

■Standard specification

Substantial specification
Travel angle from neutral position 20°(0°~+2°)
Return to neutral position
automatic (spring type)
Mechanical life, in a direction more than 5million operation
Vibration proof JIS D 1601 3 A stage 4.5
Water proof, upper panel, outside
JIS D 0203 S1 (rain proof)
Waterproof, backside of panel open
Operating temperature range

-30°~+70°(except freeze and harness part)

Storage temperature range
Operating force


Operating force less than 2.5N [0.26kgf] at lever top
Strength at lever part
(static load for 1 min.)
X and Y direction
98N [10kgf] (top of lever)
Strength at lever part
(static load for 1 min.)
vertical direction
29N [3kgf] (top of lever)
Strength at lever part
(static load for 1 min.)
Twist direction (torque)
98N・cm[10kgf・cm] (top of lever)
Potentiometer (Hall element)
Electrical effective angle +/-18°(Proportional output range)
Output sensitivity 0.05~2.28% Vin/°
Individual linearity +/-2%FS (FS=36°)
Input voltage DC5V+/-0.5V
Output voltage range 0.4V~4.6V (+/-0.05V) Vin=DC5V
Insulation resistance more than 100MΩ at DC50V (ambient
Temperature and humidity)
Consumption current less than 10mA
Water proof JIS D 0203 S1
Life (non loaded)

50million cycles

(ambient temperature +/-30°・5Hz)

Withstand electromagnetic 100V/m, 0.01~1000MHz
Output regulation within +/-1%Vin
Withstand electrostatic Not break, to impress +/-4KV of electrostatic
voltage every 1sec. for 3 times on terminal
Neutral switch (micro switch)
Rating 30V 0.1A
Electrical durability 200k times (rated load)
Mechanical durability 5million times
Protective construction IEC IP67
Authorized standard UL recognized
Voltage range of switch function
A direction 2.73V~2.97V
B direction 2.03V~2.27V

*For improvement, specification are subject to change without prior notice.


Option order, joystick and control box are available