Hall IC type
Applicable for out-door use since equipped water-proof potentiometer
Available with a variety of grip options (types of grip)


  • High vibration proof and good durability by Hall IC
  • Adjustable of output characteristics by specification (option)
  • Less compact than SJ2, but keep lever durability
  • Available to set up neutral/direction detecting switches on each axis (option)
  • High performance and low cost
  • Compatible assembling of J2 and SJ2
  • Available 2 signal output type for safety countermeasure (option)
  • Easy control, each X-Y axis return to neutral position automatic independently
  • Travel angle +/-30°All direction type is available

■Standard specification

Substantial specification
Travel angle from neutral position +/-22.5°
Return to neutral position automatic (spring type)
Mechanical life, in a direction 2 million times
Operating temperature range -20°~+70°(except freeze and harness part)
Operating force Less than 9.0N [0.2~0.9kgf]
at top of lever w/boot
Lever strength Over 19.6N・m [200kgf・cm
(Ca. 22kgf at top of lever)
Specification of potentiometer (non contact type)
Input voltage DC5V±0.5V
Consumption current less than 16mA
Waterproof JIS C 0920 IP67
Withstand electromagnetic 100V/m, 1~1000MHz
Satisfied with electrical characteristics
Withstand electrostatic Not break, to impress +/-8KV of electrostatic
voltage every 1sec. or more for 10 times on each terminal
Temperature drift

Temperature range -20°~+70°
(reference: +25°) +/-0.4%Vin

Micro switch specification
Travel angle operate ca. 4°from neutral position
(for detecting neutral position)
operate ca. 8°from neutral position
(for detecting direction)
Rated load DC30V0.1A (resistance load)
Mechanical durability 5 million times
Electrical durability 200k times (rated load)
Protection structure Sealed to IP67

*For improvement, specification are subject to change without prior notice.



*RoHS compliant