Acceleration lever (train)

Certain control by T type lever(Drawing)


  • holding position type


Travel angle 77°+/-3°

Operation force

ca. 1.6N・m [ca.16kgf・cm]
(ca.1kgf at grip)
Lever position holding mechanism Friction braking system (always)
Lever return mechanism non
Lever notch mechanism non
Protection, upper visible part simple dust cover
Protection, backside of
Vibration proof 4.4G (JIS D 1601 stage 4)
Shock 20G (10mSec.)
Operating temperature range -20°~+70°(except freeze)
Electrical [Potentiometer]
Resistance value 2kΩ +/-20%
Rated power
Electrical effective angle 340°
Operating angle 77°(22.65%)
Linearity +/-1%
Withstand voltage AC1000V-1min
Life more than 10million cycles

*For improvement, specification are subject to change without prior notice.


Option order, joystick and control box are available